No-one cares about GDPR any more, right?  Wrong! GDPR wasn’t just about being ready by some arbitrary date in 2018; it was about protecting the vulnerable.  Yes, we are Data Scientists; yes, we build robots; yes we care.

At Look at your Data put ethics at the heart of what we do. That means being honest with ourselves and honest with you.  The GDPR is the legal manifestation of that honesty.

We offer a one-day internal training package because new staff keep seeing to be trained.  This consists of six, fifty-minute sessions (we try and keep it fun and our trainer is a stand-up comedian in their spare time). to sign-up email

By the end of the day your staff will:

  • Have a good understanding of key GDPR concepts such as Accountability, Individuals’ Rights and Consent (to name a few)
  • Have explored the opportunities that GDPR offers for your organisation
  • Be empowered to speak with authority on GDPR within your organisation.

What’s more, you will be GDPR aware not scared.

We presented this course to dozens of small groups back in Q1 2018.  Of the many positive pieces of feedback we received, this was our favourite:

This has been such a worthwhile training day. I will recommend it to all my relevant colleagues. Amazing thank you Pete. It will be a light bulb moment! put the data subject first and then it all makes sense, very clever.


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