We love speaking in public and entertain almost any opportunity to do it.  Between you and me, Pete Moore, he’s a bit of a show off. That said, we like to think he knows his stuff. He’s almost certainly the only part-time send-up comedian currently speaking on all things data.

You can see our most recent speaking engagements here.

Our general rule for public speaking is this: if it is for the good of the data community then let’s do it, if it’s for your profit, then, that’s still cool, but there will be a charge involved.  If you would like Pete Moore to deliver a talk, email

Pete is one of the most impressive IT people I have ever met, and having worked in IT recruitment for over 13 years I have met a lot! What separates Pete from the herd is his amazing passion and enthusiasm for his work. He is also one of the most entertaining presenters I have had the pleasure to see. I would not hesitate to recommend Pete to any organisation that is looking to utilise data better.

Chris Hopkins, Owner, Evolution Recruitment Singapore

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